What is the best tech news mobile app?

I have used and tested many tech news apps. My favorite app of all is Riversip, which is working sort of like Google news, but even better.

It is available for free on iOS and Android:
Riversip – The Stress-Free Way To Stay on Top of The News

It shows you all the top tech news in way like Google news, but it is better because you can select to see the top news of the last hours, today or of the last week (if you were traveling for example). On top of that Riversip can also show you which news your social contacts are talking about and you can add your own favorite topics to watch. Those are then available in ‘my news’. Besides the Riversip tech news app I have linked above, they also offer a special app for iOS that only shows Apple related tech news (AAA News – Riversip) and an special app for Android that only shows Android related tech news (Android News – Riversip).

My other favorite news apps that I use to read tech news are Prismatic (iOS) and Zite (iOS, Android, WP). Both are using automatic personalization based on recommendation engines, this means they try to find what you are interested in, just by learning what you read. There are also other apps doing this, like Wavii (iOS), and Hopflow (iOS), but in my usage Prismatic and Zite are the best. If you ask me, Zite does even a better job than Prismatic, but both are great. If you happen to own an iPad there is a similar working app named Trapit (iOS).

If you want to read the tech news based on what is trending there are apps like Njuice (iOS), NewsWhip (iOS, Android) and Currently (iOS, Android).

And for people who just want to see tech news based on their own selection of their favorite tech news sources, e.g. CNET, Techcrunch, Engadget, Mashable, Wired etc, there are apps like Newstream (iOS), Flipboard (iOS, Android), Flud News (iOS), Pulse (iOS, Android), Taptu (iOS, Android, Blackberry) and Appy Geek (iOS) and Tech News Tube (iOS). Besides that there are also meta aggregator news apps who offer tech news like Feedly (iOS, Android, Kindle), Skygrid (iOS, Android) and News360 (iOS, Android, WP). And some similar working iPad only apps: StreamGlider (iOS), Hitpad (iOS).

Both Feedly and Flipboard allow you to read your RSS feeds in these apps. If you use Google Reader and have an iPhone or iPad I highly recommend the Google RSS reader app Newsify (iOS).

I have tested a gazillion more tech news apps and this is only a small selection of them. I hope it helps.

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