What are the best news websites in the world?

Most news channels are biased, extremely biased. So, according to me, the best picks for neutral news would be- 1. Reuters, and 2. Al Jazeera.

Both show news as it should be shown, i.e. without manipulation, in its pure form but concerning their areas of origin, Reuters mostly presents news from th epoint of view of the Western World, while Al Jazeera does the perfect job in showing it from the Middle-Eastern point of view. This does not mean they are biased, but just that they provide in depth news of different regions.

In addition, the official news channels, like India’s Doordarshan News, will also be beneficial if you want news of you nation.

On the other hand, if you want news with a bit of spice, please choose BBC World News, and CNN, and if you are in India, even Times Now for the heated debates.

But everybody will have their own opinions on this because this is a very subjective matter, but here is mine and I am pretty confident of it. Cheerio.

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